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With access to all the best marketing technology and techniques Bald Guy Marketing is well positioned to match the right tactics to the strategy your business needs.

We help you formulate and implement the right plan for your unique business situation.

The riches are in the niches, but the fortune is in the follow up.

Patrick Flynn, author of Will it Fly?

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The only constant is constant change. - Heraclitus


Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM allows you to organize and engage with your current customers, prospects, and vendors.

Our CRM is fully integrated with an all-in-one communications hub so you never miss another message!


Marketing Strategy & Planning

Random acts of marketing and depending on word of mouth is not a dependable approach.

You need a better plan.


Email Marketing

Email is still the most consistent and dependable way to maintain contact with your customers and prospects.

Do you have a system to collect email addresses?
Are you sending emails regularly?


Social Media Content and Video

"Facebook is the most powerful communication tool that has ever been placed in the hands of the individual." - Devin Tracy,


Google Business Profile (GBP)

Most businesses are not maximizing the potential of the free digital terrain offered by their GBP. We know exactly how to optimize your GBP. Even better, our Universal Inbox integrates directly with Google Messenger!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the techniques and processes for ensuring your website is found by the search engines and served to internet visitors as the answer to their queries.
SEO includes back-side, front-side, and off-page factors.


Listing Services

A significant portion of SEO is the off-site directory listing services. Every place your business is listed needs to be consistent. Otherwise the search engines are not certain it is referencing the same business. Our listing service ensures your citations are consistent across the internet.



Your voice, tone, color scheme, and style need to be consistent so people who encounter your social media, email, and website are confident that they are seeing the same business.



Your online reputation includes reviews and your social media and web presence. Both frequency and recency of reviews matter, quantity and age.

Do you have a system to generate new reviews?


Resell To Current Customers

The people most likely to pay you money are those who have already bought from you.

Do you have a system to generate repeat sales?


Reach New Audiences

Advertising and viral content puts your message in front of new ideal prospects.

Do you have a system to reach the right target market?


Reengage Online Prospects

Rarely will someone purchase the first time they meet your brand. Most purchases happen after 5 touches.

Do you have a system to retarget your passive followers?

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