What Makes Us Different

Our approach to marketing is to help you show the people who follow you how much they matter to you.

Founded by a former US Army plans team leader and operations center director, Bald Guy Marketing exists to help small businesses and sole proprietors implement more effective and efficient marketing communications strategies.

Only 2% of sales are made on the initial contact.

You need dependable and consistent follow-up and follow-through.


We are all about helping you serve your community!

Small businesses and local service providers exist to serve some particular audience in some particular way.

Our role is to help you find the right audience and nurture your relationship with those people to maximize the lifetime value you generate from that relationship while ensuring you serve them well.

Far too many small business owners are guilty of a small issue I call "random acts of marketing."

We are so busy serving our customers and running the business that we put our marketing tasks on hold. This results in a feast-or-famine cycle of paying projects instead of having a stable and predictable flow of income.

Core Values:

● Loyalty

● Transparency

● Loyalty

● Dependability

● Loyalty

Bald Guy Marketing


Keith Besherse

Helping hard-working entrepreneurs and sole-proprietors achieve amazing marketing results.
Loud but loyal. Former Army Aviator focused on the Asia-Pacific theater; now helping you build a tribe!

Keith Besherse

Keith Besherse


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